Let's Double Check That.

I help prevent retractions, lawsuits, and upkeep the trust between reporter and source.

Fact-Checking Process

My process has been honed in over time to be the most efficient, communicative, and foolproof fact-checking procedure. I'm easy to work with, and transparent with editors and writers. I have a keen sense of detail and intuitive reporting skills which allow me to make the smartest calls for each story.

My Special Sauce

I attended the FSJ M.I.T. Fact-checking conference in 2022

I also created the group Fact Check Us and organize webinars and forums so a community of fact-checkers can talk about organizational processes, rates, and bounce questions off each other.

Selected Work

The Nation

“The Great Resignation” Is a Great Exaggeration

By Ann Larson

Workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers, but it’s not a turning point for labor power.

American Prodigies

Season 3

By Blue Wire Studios

This season of American Prodigies is the story of how Black girls moved from the margins of gymnastics to the core.


The Mother of Women's Basketball

By Bronwen Clark

The story of Senda Berenson Abbott, the author of the first Basketball Guide for Women and the woman who brought basketball to Smith College.

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